KSI (UK's biggest YouTuber)

"I looked into Kelin’s plan after seeing a friend's amazing results. For years I had tried all the fad diets. I got to a point where I avoided all social situations, feeling extremely unhappy with and within myself. After contacting Kelin I felt so happy that I had found someone who I genuinely felt could help me. I decided to try it out and can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made.


I got a meal plan that was tailored around my likes and dislikes, there was no counting of foods just plain and simple cook and enjoy. The work out plan was also tailored around my physical ability.


Kelin has been incredibly supportive throughout the whole time I have worked with her. I had access to a closed group of ladies working with Kelin, being part of that close-knit group of girls who support and encourage each other has been great.


In all the diets I have done I have never got the amazing results I have from doing this. In 18 weeks! During that time I went on 3 holidays and did one mountain climb and  had an injury , and yet I shed 11.4kg, lost 26.4 inches and  went from a size 18 to a size 12!!!! The reason why is because this is not a diet that you start and stop, it’s a complete lifestyle change, a change for the better. Not only that but it has helped me to be much more confident with myself and my body.


I have never felt happier than I do right now, I look forward to going to the gym and I now look forward to dressing up and going out with my head held high. I love who I am and I love how I’m looking!!!"


Charlotte Peel

I was first referred to Kelin by a friend in the gym. On hearing about it, at first I wasn't convinced, but I had a few personal issues that I was struggling to deal with and needed to focus on my bodybuilding shows so thought why not! Once I'd met with Kelin and began having treatment I was blown away.

Kelins method of using NLP, hypnosis and psychology helped me to block out cravings, distractions and any negativity during my competition prep. It gave me the focus I needed to dig deep. It also gave me a mental edge both in and out of the gym, on other competitors and more importantly the stage which is crucial.

I went on to become British champion and Mr. Amateur Olympia and without her support and guidance it wouldn't have been possible.

Romane Lanceford,
IFBB Pro, 9x IFBB/UKBFF Mens Physique Champion, British Champion, Amateur Olympia Champion 
Shaun Barton progress pic.jpg

"I had followed Kelin of MetaPhysiques on social media for a while and responded to a particular post in September this year. I am so glad that I did because I received a message back from Kelin saying that she could help. I was very self conscious about my body image and weight. I was low on confidence too. I would eat just because it satisfied an immediate craving. I found the courage to tell kelin these things and signed up to her program.


12 weeks of diet, tailored to me and exercise, also tailored to me and some sports psychology too. This program has completely changed my life. I've lost 22lbs and counting. Inches off of my chest, waist and hips. I'm as lean now as I was 20 years ago and for a 51 year old male, that's some achievement. I've totally changed my attitude towards eating and working out and now have a healthy, balanced diet and I exercise regularly. Kelin has changed my life forever and I'm never going back to my old ways"


1 year later: "I've maintained my results and it's changed my life kelin, maybe even saved it. A family history of heart problems wasn't helping and I was on a slippery slope towards a coronary. Not anymore and I can't thank you enough for helping me xx"    Shaun Barton 

Shaun Barton

"This is the second training programme I have completed with Kelin and I have loved every minute of it. The biggest change for me is that I have developed confidence to attend the gym. I use to be very scared of the gym but now I love it, I really miss it if I can’t go. I am also a lot more active now, no more days sitting around watching the tv for hours upon end. 


I never thought I would be able to loose the weight I have. A piece of advice I would give is that ‘you can do anything if you put your mind to it’. 


It is good to train hard but you need to make sure your body has the fuel to do this, carbs are not scary, this is something I have learnt over the past few weeks. 


One last thing, listen to your body, if you are hungry then eat, if your body is tired then rest, this is definitely one of the biggest lessons I have learnt along the way. 


Kelin Law you truly are an angel. I feel you have given me my life back and have shown me so many different avenues that I could go, to continue improving myself. You have made me realise that anything is possible 💕💕"

Ellen Guttridge

"I have been working with Kelin at MetaPhysiques for around 2 years now and my mind-set & focus has changed dramatically. Her techniques & practice have helped me in everyday life in general, but more importantly with my focus towards training & future goals within my boxing career. I have been using the audios everyday and it is definitely helping make me 100% sharper. My jab is improving by feeling stronger and throwing it a lot more in multiples. I have improved in areas of my training and technique due to my customised audios. My mindset program audio is there to correctly tune my mind before a fight. Working with Kelin has been fun, enjoyable and helped me in many ways. I have been able to overcome certain objects that I felt were holding back my progression in my career and I feel that the input from Kelin has made a significant difference. I recently just won the South West Middleweight Title! Kelin is a very professional and trustworthy person, I cannot speak highly enough of her work, she puts the time and effort in to help myself and others achieve their goals.”

Danny Butler,

South West Middleweight Champion, IBO International Light Middleweight Champion, Former English Middleweight Champion

“Over the last 5 months I have lost 20kg, 9 inches off my waist and 7 inches off of EACH leg!!! We accomplished this via online coaching (with nutrition and training plans and mind coaching) and a few ‘in-person’ training and mind coaching sessions. Many thanks to my amazing beautiful coach Kelin at Metaphysiques for getting me where I am today!!! I am super excited about setting another target and working with you again and I won’t hesitate a minute to recommend you!”

Rosa Messi


Kelin is more than a personal trainer and nutritionist.  She gave me the tools to be a better person inside and out.  I can’t explain it, I know you have to be ready to take positive steps, however I was also scared, after suffering with an eating disorder for 30 years plus, Kelin helped me to brake the cycle.  She literally helped me put the pieces back together again.  I’m still on this fitness journey, but one things for sure, I know she will always be there for me.  She quite literally gives you her all and I trust her implicitly.

Nat Brownhill

"Despite being someone who enjoys exercise and is physically active everyday, and despite being someone who eats sensibiliy, after four children I've struggled to lose weight. 


It's affected my confidence but mostly caused me to be hugely frustrated about the rut I couldn't get out of.


All the effort I put in seemed pointless as nothing was happening and I told myself I couldn't get the body I wanted with the demands of a large family, a business, little sleep or spare time.


Working with kelin has fundamentally changed my outlook. She's helped me to totally reframe my story and for that I will be eternally grateful.


She's helped me to tweak  food choices and the exercises I'm doing, but by far the most impact for me has come from the mindset work.


The programme I did was  12 weeks long but I don't see that as the end, it's more like the beginning.


I really can't recommend kelin highly enough. If you are struggling with any part of your body transformation journey I have no doubt she will be able to inspire and support you too. Working with kelin is a game changer!


Oh and I went on holiday for 2.5 weeks with no training and still continued to loose another 3lb! AND I wore a bikini for the first  time in 13 years!”

Charlotte Pearson

“Kelin crossed my path at exactly the right time during my most recent contest preparation for the NPC Texas Shredder Classic. I knew I had the training down and the diet down; but there was one thing in my mental tool box that was missing. The self-belief that I could in fact WIN a show, as I had not done that up until that point. I was full of self-doubt. And I knew it. Working with Kelin was a literal game changer. Not only did the various NLP techniques we used and visualisations help me up my mental game to allow me to BELIEVE that I COULD WIN; but it was like, almost magically, all the puzzle pieces fell into place on show day to allow me to not only get 3rd in Master's 35+ Bikini...but believe it or not I WON MY BIKINI OPEN CLASS which was my goal!!! Without Kelin's scientifically based techniques and constant positive energy and support; I do not know if I could have done it. I have continued to work with Kelin in the off season (improvement) season with my diet and focusing on future shows. I will continue to work with Kelin because what she does works and is very powerful! The human mind really one of the most powerful tools we have and if we can harness its magnificent abilities properly, we really can achieve anything we set our minds to. For anyone going through contest preparation, I highly, highly recommend Kelin to help you reach your goals. She is bright and full of positive energy and continuous support even when the sessions are over.” 


Ginger Hsieh
Testi 3- small George Rowley copy.jpg

"I don't know what I would of done without Kelin in the lead up to my wedding. She helped me achieve  body goals I never  thought was going to be possible! I had hit a plateau and no matter how hard I tried, my body didn't want to change anymore. I only had 6 weeks until my wedding and needed serious help! Getting in touch with Kelin was the best thing I ever did!! Working with her made me discover willpower I didn't know I had! She got me totally focused on the end goal and nothing and nobody would stop me getting it! My cravings for naughty foods were almost gone, and the best part about it was that I didn't find it difficult or a struggle at all!! In those 6 weeks working with Kelin I lost a stone!! By the time I had my final dress fitting I had actually reached my goals and what an incredible feeling it was to put the dress on and feel amazing!! I would never of been able to do that without her help and for that I am eternally grateful because I will never look back at my wedding photos with regret!! The only regret is that I didn't work with her sooner!!"  

George Rowley

"Kelin is without doubt one of my best finds on social media! I had been following Kelin on Instagram for a few months before reaching out; my only regret is I didn't contact her sooner! A beautiful soul who genuinely wants the very best for you. I had been struggling with emotional eating for many years and was beginning to feel frustrated, helpless and resigned myself to the fact that it was something I was always going to struggle with. All that changed after just one session with Kelin.... Over the following sessions, working together to really understand what I wanted to achieve - professionally, personally, and physically. I now have a new-found sense of purpose, drive and focus. I can't thank Kelin enough for all she has done for me and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends who felt like they were struggling and needed a helping hand. Thank you Kelin - you are incredible!"

Sophie Begg

"When I first met Kelin of Metaphysics I was in a very dark place where every piece of food (whether id eaten it or not or whether it was just thinking about it) controlled my thoughts and my life...Kelin has taught me so much about my relationship with food and in turn many things about myself...where I am now is a very different place to where i was when I started...I finally feel free to LIVE my life...Kelin goes above and beyond and helped me emotionally and mentally and was so supportive whenever I had a wobble...and to top off her wonderful work she is a lovely lovely person.. Thankyou Kelin for changing my life xx"

Helen Childs

“My name is Ray Williams and I am the director of From The GYM To The RING, I would just like to say a few words about Kelin and the amazing talks she's gives our candidates, firstly very professional, secondly very very interesting and with results of increased training outcome and a sense of confidence always seems to be present after. Thanks you kelin and can't wait until the next season”

Ray Williams,
Director of GYM to The Ring

“I’ve always been a great believer in the power of the mind and have tried to use visualisation myself in the past to help me focus on a goal. I was unaware, however, about just how powerful using various techniques can be when it comes to all aspects of training, dieting, competing and coping better with everyday situations. I first heard about Kelin through listening to her speak on a Bodybuilding podcast and was fascinated by what she had to say and knew I had to work with this amazing woman. Contacting her was one of the best things I ever did. Kelin prepars me for competitions by focusing on how to be more confident on stage, using techniques to block out distractions and enable me to enjoy my time on stage without unnecessary nerves. Outside of my competitions, Kelin's work has also helped me to cope better with stress, relaxation and rationalising everyday situations. Competing and daily life can be very challenging, but by being able to re-program the mind in such a way, any mental battles that inevitably arise, will be easier to face and overcome. Kelin is one in a million and I feel extremely privileged to have been able to work with her.”

Clare Barks

UKBFF Bodyfitness British Champion 2015 & 4th Place IFBB Diamond Cup 2016

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonder Kelin at Metaphysiques , for all her help. I was struggling with some personal issues that were hindering my progress in training and struggling to stick to my diet. With Kelin's help, using her NLP skills techniques such as swishing and anchoring, all terms that were completely new to me. Kelin was very helpful, very softly spoken and also a massive support, not only through our sessions but was there for me almost 24 hours a day if I needed her. I cannot thank this lady enough for what she helped me to achieve. I am a personal trainer and never really struggled with training, but hit a wall when I had some family issues. Kelin had created some audio tapes for relaxation, as I was having serious problems sleeping and relaxing, which also was hindering my training from serious lack of sleep.  She also did audio a for training, visualising my workouts. This helped me incredibly to smash my training sessions. I cannot recommend this lady enough, what she can help you to believe what you can achieve. She will give you the tools to make things happen! Thank you Kelin, I believe I have found a friend for life.” 

Vicky Mcmahon

“I was very impressed by the content and the practical applications of Kelin’s Fight Prep seminar. After attending one last year, I worked with her in my most recent fight camp. With her assistance, I feel I was able to focus and train more intensely, whilst also managing everyday life and commitments more effectively. With the introduction of the new 225lb weight class in MMA I will be looking to be very active in 2018 and Kelin will be one of the essential members of my fight camp prep team. I would readily recommend her seminars to any fighters and coaches involved in combat sports.” 

Rus Waygood

“I’m a busy professional mum of 2, and I worked with Kelin for 12 weeks. I have crash dieted all my life and although it worked in the past to drop the weight quickly, getting older I wanted a healthier way to lose weight and keep it off.  My mindset and outlook on losing weight had been so unhealthy.  Being a busy working mum I just wanted results quickly. I approached Kelin with the view to changing the way I approach weight loss and being able to be able to learn about how to fuel my body without restricting everything including having fun and socialising. Kelin has been great in showing me how to do this. It has been a journey with lots of ups and down particularly as it was a stressful time in my life work wise.  Despite that I managed to drop 23.5 inches and just over a stone in weight, whilst enjoying a very busy social life! Kelin taught me about how to be clever with food and to have a more positive view of it.  I never thought I could lose weight without feeling hungry and still be able to go out and have fun.  Being a busy mum Kelin adapted my plans weekly to fit around my lifestyle which was fab.  I also learnt things about myself I never realized before such as how much of an impact stress and hormones have on my weight.  I learnt not to pay so much attention to the scales, not beat myself up and listen to my body more. I would recommend Kelin if you want some inspiration, motivation and brilliant guidance to get to where you want to be!”

Vegetarian, full-time busy working mum!

“Being a working mum of two boys keeps me constantly busy and it's easy to use this as an excuse for not exercising and eating rubbish. I a full home gym yet absolutely no knowledge or real motivation to use it! Having completed Kelin’s four week bootcamp I can honestly say this has changed everything. I now  have the skills and confidence to work out at home - not only running but now using the gym – LIFTING WEIGHTS!!! During the four week bootcamp I lost 8% of my original body weight and my shape has changed so much. My thighs are 2inches smaller! And I can now do a push up! I am stronger fitter and so much happier than before - Kelin supported every step of the way and this wasn't just a quick fix ( although the results were incredible) it has given me so much in order to promote a happier healthier lifestyle. I have continued to work with Kelin ever since and I truly love (or love/hate hahaha!) the amazing workouts, which really energise me more than anything else. I would honestly highly recommend metaphysiques to those of you whom want to make real changes xxxx 

Jade Thumwood

“Kelin got me wining 1st place on my first Bikini show! Prepping for a fitness competition is a long and challenging journey in both mental and physical ways. I am so happy I found Kelin on social media and chose her as a coach for my very first bikini competition prep that led me to win 1stplace. Kelin was coaching me for 13 weeks and during that time she designed very detailed meal plans, training programs, communicated with me through email, making phone calls at least once a week. She pushed me in a positive and absolutely non-judgmental way and encouraging to stay strong and keep going, all the while allowing for me to be flexible and adapt things to myself. That was exactly what I needed on this journey. Moreover, I can tell she is very passionate about her job and super caring. I was so happy Kelin found time and travelled all the way to see me on stage, supported me with mind techniques before the show, eliminated stress, helped me with posing practice and just made me feel calm and relaxed. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Kelin to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness/nutritional goals in a gentle and flexible way. :)”

Victoria Grusaite

“How do I describe the force that is Kelin? All the usual stuff you’d expect of a coach; soaks up everything you say, feeds it back to you in words that make so much sense, arranges you thoughts in perfect order, gives them back to you as your own, and then sets you off to change your life, keeping watch along the way. There is something else about Kelin, though, that can’t be put into words. The closest I can get is passionate, non-judgemental, committed and insightful. The only way to really find out is to try her out, you won’t be disappointed!” 

Hedley Rees

Managing Consultant at PharmaFlow Limited, Author, Speaker, Advisor & Thought Leader in Life Science Supply Chains, UK

"I have always dieted, but can’t ever keep the weight off. I lack in confidence, to a point I actually hate myself & the way I look but always seem to go round & round & can't make the necessary changes. Due to having a variety of health conditions exercise can also be too much for me. I decided to work with Kelin because I was the biggest I'd ever been & knew something had to change. I discussed all my issues with her and from the very minute we started chatting I felt at ease, and the way she supported me was such a huge thing for me- gave me the reassurance & boost in confidence that I needed. Training was fun, hard work, but I loved it. Kelin’s program was adjusted for people's needs and she worked us hard. Kelin is a true inspiration and I can honestly say that she's enabled me to look at foods in a new way, her support gave me the confidence boost I needed and I started to see real results in the 4 weeks. I enjoyed every minute and the plans she did for me worked for me. She really cares about you and wants to help!" Heidi Robinson

Heidi Robinson
Francesco Ghirardani

"I started working with Kelin before competing for the first time in the UKBFF Sugar Classic in the junior men’s physique category.  I was two months from my first show and my prep coach was worried because I was struggling with confidence issues and lacking self-belief. When I first met with Kelin I found it hard to talk about my issues from the past that had lead to my confidence being so low, I found it even harder to picture myself doing well in the show. I liked that the first few sessions where very relaxed and it helped me open up and they gradually progressed. Kelin has a very calming aura and her voice was very soft. This combined with her techniques allowed my mind to wonder off to thoughts of doing well which is something I had never let myself do before. Kelin created personal audios for me and I can’t explain how much they helped to get me through my prep, especially towards the later stages when you are physically and mentally drained.  In the week leading up to the show Kelin used a song of my choice and created it into an anchor for me to listen to on show day. I was so nervous on the day of the show, as soon as I got back stage and plugged my audio in and listened to my anchor song while getting ready all my nerves had gone.  Looking back now it was scary how well it worked and you don’t even realise it was happing. I was lined up ready to walk out feeling confident, composed and ready. I came in the top 5 in my first show in a line up of 20 guys all at a high standard. I loved every second of being up on that stage and my confidence is still so high and I’m loving my training and can’t wait to compete again. The reason I got so much from working with Kelin is that she genuinely cares about her clients. She was always there when ever I needed her, even when I had issues that were not related to the show.  She has a great sense of humour and it so easy to get along with. I loved every second of working with her." 

“Having suffered a major knock in confidence, I sought help from Kelin to break me out of my negative cycle and help restore my positivity to get me ready to sparkle on stage. Her techniques and understanding of the mind was so refreshing and uplifting and worth every penny!! I still listen to the recordings she sent me now and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her expertise to anyone.” 

Lorna Lang-Evans

“Kelin, what can I say? You have been an absolute game-changer for me! Having stepped on stage a nervous wreck at the UKBFF British Finals the year before, I knew that I had to improve my stage presence massively before I was to compete again six weeks later at the Sugar's Classics. Kelin completely blew me away!! I had three sessions with her in the short period between the two competitions & I honestly felt like a different person stepping on stage in November!! I have never felt so confident in my life & this really showed on stage. My presence was 'flawless' & I loved every single moment of being stood in front of a huge audience. To say I was itching to compete all over again as soon as I came off stage was an understatement - a feeling I never thought I would experience! Bring on next year - I am excited more than ever to step on stage & it's all thanks to Kelin. This lady is a hero! Xxx” 

Beth Jones

Amazing workshop with Kelin today. Learnt some new techniques and have a greater understanding of my drivers and triggers, helping from sleep to stress, training to diet and also planning my future. Can’t thank her enough and definitely something I recommend! 

Hugo Harris

"I would like to take some time out to say a big thank you to Kelin for helping me throughout my competition preparation, helping me place third and at Ultimate physique qualifier in York and then go on to complete in the finals. I have prepped for a competition before and knowing full well emotions can run wild. This time with the help of Kelin I was able to control these emotions a lot better. Each session I seen her I would leave feeling refreshed and more positive & motivated. This gave me better focus to the task at hand. She managed to help me build up my confidence and iron out a few bad habits. I would recommend this service to anyone thinking of competing, or even maybe looking to get a better positive mindset no matter what your goals are in life. Thanks Once again." 

Jack Hulcoop
Heidi Cadby

"Honestly? I genuinely didn't think this would have so much of an affect on me.. I believed in Kelin from the get go and knew she would help me but I can honestly say it hasn't just had a positive affect in terms of my competition prep.. No no! Since having sessions with Kelin, listening to all of my audios I genuinely feel like my life's just changed... The mind is ever such a powerful source if you use it right and I feel like Kelin has opened a door for me and let the sunlight in! :) I don't even currently feel like I'm in prep I'm that relaxed I mean I obviously have the prep focus and hunger for my goals I'm just majorly relaxed. I 100% recommend this lovely lady and her services she has totally brought balance and mindfulness to my life! Thank you Kelin!" Heidi Cadby

"Mind blowing. That's one way to describe working with Kelin! I competed earlier in the year and it didn't go to plan because of stressing throughout my entire prep and on the day of the competition, resulting in the release of cortisol and physically changing how I looked on the day and on stage, as well as slowing down progress in the lead up. I was very negative as soon as I stepped off stage- something NEEDED to change for me to get on stage again. So after looking into counseling and other ways to combat stress etc I was told about MetaPhysiques. I looked on the website, read through a bunch of the methods and was really intrigued, I got in touch straight away and was so impressed by the quick and super detailed reply from Kelin. Anyway! Through the Skype meeting we started working together for my Stage Mental Rehearsal Audio. I used this everyday in the lead up to my comp for 4-5 weeks. Also using Cardio Mindfulness audio, Mindfulness audio when relaxing and also binaural audio beats which was a go to for me when feeling stressed etc and also just before bed. When you read and talk to Kelin about binaural audio it will blow you away and it really does work- trust me! Come comp day and I was a completely different person! I ENJOYED this journey on the second prep. I ENJOYED the day and felt so happy. Even better, people noticed a difference! I can't thank and recommend Kelin enough. The techniques really are something different but it works. You don't realise how much of a part the mind plays towards particular goals until you start something like this. Thank you Kelin :)" 

Charlotte Humphries

“I went to kelin for help because training wasn't going well and my diet was out of control. We worked together to formulate a plan to follow my dream of getting into the best shape of my life and having a fitness photoshoot. I wanted say massive thank you for helping getting me on track and setting up the photo shoot goal. One of the hardest things I've done but we set the goal, we worked to the goal and I obtained it. Your amazing!”

Ellis Owen

“I had NLP with Kelin to help me prepare for my first ever Marathon. I found that a short course of sessions combined with audios (which she personally tailored to me) helped to create a positive vision of my goal, banish any nerves and ultimately complete it! Thanks so much Kelin!!!” 

Kerry Spencer
Rebecca Phillips

I messaged Kelin for athlete mind coaching after seeing her presentation at Body Power. I'm not going to lie I was skeptical but was willing to give it a bash. I compete in the armature category of kettlebell sport, this is an endurance weightlifting sport whereby  kettlebells are lifted continuously for 10 minutes. Although this may sound easy it's not, as well as requiring strength and a decent technique there is a huge mental element.  Due to an early competition faux pas I was carrying extra nerves pre-comp and during lifting which was hampering my performance. 


I worked with Kelin on resolving these issues and we developed a competition day strategy for managing nerves and giving me a mental edge. Kelin has coached me for three competitions in the last 4 months and my performance and confidence has improved each time. Kelin has an awesome attitude towards coaching and is very professional, she knew nothing about kettlebell sport but went out of her way to research the sport and the attributes required to succeed. Right from the first session you get straight into the mind coaching, no time is wasted. Kelin is a very personable person, being a slightly standoffish person myself, I found immediate trust in what she was saying and the mind techniques  we were practicing. Her professional attitude contributed towards this. She was able to put me at ease right from the start. I look forward to many more years working with Kelin. I have learnt the mind can not be neglected in order to achieve the best version of you and would highly recommend Kelin and her coaching. 


Thank you for being great , so glad I plucked up the courage and contacted you.