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"What you're thinking is what you are becoming" Muhammed Ali 


Why are you here?


Either you are struggling with something specific or you know there is only a fine line between winning and losing … and you want that win!


How you use your mind as an athlete is absolutely crucial to your outcome... Not only can you use it to enhance your technique, but no matter what sport it is, your mindset can literally mean make-or-break when it comes to your training, dieting and of course your competition performance! 


Why is mental training important?

To get clear, the 3 main pillars to athletic success are;


  1. Health & vitality - achieved through adequate nutrition and rest… and an optimal mental state

  2. Technical skills and fitness - advanced by putting the work in… and also sports psychology mental techniques

  3. A winning mindset & sharp mental skills - developed via specific mental training


They are all very much interlinked, but the mind clearly has a massive influence over all... So when everyone is training hard and eating right, what is it that makes all the difference? You need to have that mental edge!


By developing your mental skills you will be able to achieve consistent high performance success.

How does mental training actually work?


From a physical point of view, certain techniques activate exact muscle pattern firing to strengthen and perfect the neural pathways in your brain that will enable you to execute your best performance. Think heavier lifts in the gym, better jumps on the ski slope or more powerful and precise punches in the ring.


Whilst other techniques increase your brain’s cortical density and connectivity, which is effectively your brains control centre. This means that you will have much more control over your emotions, thoughts and general mindset. Think of how differently you perform when you are feeling particularly calm, focused and confident. The key is in being able to bring that mindset to every competition and not just in your training since to get to the top of your game and stay there, you must be able to achieve your optimal performance on a consistent basis. Remember that you are only as good as your last win.

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What will your performance and mindset coaching focus on?


Coaching is bespoke to your specific needs as an athlete but typical areas of focus include:


  • Working on a specific technique to correct or enhance your execution of it

  • Building mental resilience to overcome mistakes and ‘failures’ and turn them into powerful motivating lessons that drive future success

  • Increasing your confidence, self-belief and sense of belonging

  • Strategies to turn performance anxiety into controlled competition excitement so that you expertly manage the pressures of competing

  • Sharpening your psychological stamina to tune out distractions and bring unparalleled focus to your training and competition performance

  • Bringing clarity to your goals and uncovering your true ‘why’s’ for doing this, to tap into the power of your deepest drivers

  • Letting go of any limiting beliefs that could be holding you back

  • Cultivating the optimal level of pressure and the right focus for you to motivate and excite you rather than create anxiety

  • Reprogramming your inner chatter to replace negative thoughts with supportive ones

  • Improving your adherence to your diet and your relationship with food

  • Managing your emotions, reducing stress and anxiety and getting deeper sleep

  • Refocusing your mind on what is key to your improvement and directing it away from overthinking, comparing yourself to others, and self-doubt

  • Bringing yourself into that cool, calm, effortless state of flow that guarantees your winning performance



What does the coaching involve?


Strategies can include:


  • One-on-one coaching sessions

  • Specialised mind interventions

  • Customized experiential visualisation audios

  • Brain entrainment and meditation audios



Pioneered from a unique combination of sports psychology, science, NLP and powerful mind-programming techniques, it is designed to enable you to take your game to the next level.

Specialist Athlete Mind Coaching is suitable for athletes of any sport or discipline – amateur or pro, competitive or non-competitive.


Programs are fully customized in length, content and style to fully match your individual requirements so please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Get in touch if you would also like to discuss nutrition and training programs.


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Sounds great, but you have something else in mind?


Great, give me a call or email to discuss your needs. I’d love to hear from you :)



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