I believe that our mind is the most powerful tool that we have... That 'how' we perceive something determines our experience, and that our mental story dictates our life's outcome.


From scientist to international business woman, to lying in a bed with a severely broken back… the worst/best experience of my life that taught me the powerful connection between the mind and body… and set me on a new path in which I have been helping others achieve amazing results ever since.


I help people to look and feel fantastic and athletes to achieve high performance success.

My holistic approach is based on a combination of neuroscience, nutrition, fitness and various angles of psychology, NLP and specialist coaching.


Academically, I am an invited member of the Royal Society of Biology with a first-class bachelor's degree in biology. I began as a research scientist working in the lab on renal pathology before spending the next 11 years launching and directing international fashion exhibitions. After breaking my back I went back to my books and qualified as an INLPTA certified NLP Practitioner  (psychotherapy), and level 3 Personal Trainer with specialisms in Sports Conditioning and Medical Referral. 


In addition to coaching women of all ages and stages in their well-being & fitness journey, I also work with a variety of athletes from KSI (UK's biggest Youtuber) and IBO and Commonwealth boxers, to British team kettlebell athletes, bikini girls, marathon runners and IFBB pro bodybuilders.


I deliver seminars & workshops at a variety of events such as for Body Power (the world’s largest indoor fitness expo), Love Beat House in Hollywood, LA, The Fienna Female Members Club, The Gym to the Ring in Bristol, and Fitness Model Comps in London.


On a more personal note, I spent over 20 years battling with my own weight. I went from being a regular gangly teenager to piling on a lot of weight at the age of 16 when I became critically ill in hospital and put on an intravenous drip of steroids. Sadly this was the beginning of my nightmare relationship with food and I swung between starvation, bulimia and just plain binge eating. Consequently, I initially lost the excess weight from the steroids, but did it unhealthily and spent many years looking and feeling terrible as an unnaturally small UK size 6. I then very sadly lost my mum and through excessive binge eating to numb the pain, I shot straight back up to an unnatural size 16. Bizarrely, it was breaking my back and narrowly missing paralysis that solved everything for me and led me on to helping so many others to do the same.


On a final note, being a born science geek, I’m instinctively driven to continually research & develop new lines of action to maximise clients results and reach out to more people. Therefore, I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas for possible collaborations or new opportunities. Get in touch, I look forward to meeting you!


Love Kelin x

If you’d like to find out more about my story or would like to know how I can help you on your unique journey then I’d love to hear from you :)