Where the mind goes, the body follows... 

How many diets have you punished yourself with, only to end up back at square one? How many days have you lost to feeling unworthy or unattractive, simply because you have put yourself down after looking in the mirror?


And you are not alone… millions upon millions of women are fighting this very same battle, and I fought mine for over 20 long years before breaking my back made me see everything clearly for the first time in my life!

Yes we all know that eating a family sized chocolate bar and washing it down with a bottle of red is not going to take kindly to our waistline. We also know that if we get a good dose of daily exercise, eat a ton of veggies and get plenty of sleep, that we have a half decent chance of feeling good in our skin. So why on earth are so many people still trapped in the miserable yo-yo diet club?

Why you are trapped in the Yo-Yo Diet Club

Laying with a crushed spine on a hospital bed is when I had my epiphany… Our mental story dictates our life's outcome!


Every decision we take, every behaviour we make, every feeling we experience, every emotion we act upon, every habit we develop... they all come from our mind!


So, we might have the very best diet in the world, but if our mind is not behind us then we don't have a chance at achieving long-term success with it. The minute we have a bad day we just revert back to old behaviours and cave in to everything on our banned list...

Why is this program so successful?


It is a unique approach to body transformation that covers all 3 of the essential pillars for lasting results; nutrition, exercise and mindset. On this program we will develop your mindset along with your body to re-write your mental story for long-term success.

I believe that transforming your body should be a hugely positive experience in which you feel so fantastic that everyone around you can feel it too!


Who is this program for?

  • You want to feel amazing in your own skin

  • You want to gain or lose weight and transform the way you look and feel

  • You want to improve your health

  • You want to feel fitter and stronger

  • You want to have a ton more energy

  • You want to quit dieting for good

  • You want to enjoy your life whilst you transform your body

  • You want to have more confidence than you’ve ever had before

  • You want to believe in yourself and know you can do anything you put your mind to

What this program is not


  • An evil plan that means you have to quit your social life! This should fit in with your life not your life revolve around it.

  • Working out for hours every day or doing things you don’t enjoy. Your workout plan will be designed completely around your circumstances, goals and what makes you tick.

  • A strict regime where you have to eat every 2hrs or fast for long periods of time. It is about getting intuitive and listening to what works for ‘you’ as an individual.

  • No banishing foods for good. This is about introducing foods that make you feel fabulous, not banishing foods to the naughty list.

What this program is


A 12-week mind and body transformation for life-long results. I promote a flexible and balanced lifestyle where we make nutrition and physical exercise work for you in a way that feels good. It focuses on the 3 pillars for long-term success and happiness; nutrition, fitness and mindset development.

Through education, support and nutritional programming, we will provide you with the tools and mindset to achieve incredible results and quit dieting for good. Together we will re-program your thinking and implement new enjoyable lifestyle habits that serve you. We will also empower you with the nutritional knowledge that will completely remodel your relationship with food.

What it includes

  • Flexible nutrition plan that revolves around foods that you love

  • A workout plan that is customised to your likes, goals and circumstances

  • A new workout plan at week 6 for continued progress and enjoyment

  • Private one-on-one online mindset coaching (1hr every fortnight during the 12 weeks).

  • Fortnightly progress, accountability and support checkin’s during your online session

  • Membership into our online Facebook community for amazing motivation and support

  • My guidance and encouragement the whole way through

What results can you expect?


  • Not only will you transform your body so that you look and feel fabulous, but you will also uncover your ‘why’s’, and in doing so, tap into the extraordinary parts of yourself that means those results will last

  • You will come to understand why you do what you do, and how to work with those whys

  • You will establish what foods work for you and how to make it all fit into your life that you want to live to the max.

  • You will re-write your mental story so that you actually feel like doing the things that will get you the outcome you desire

  • You will discover a new confidence, a new sense of self-worth

  • You will start to enjoy exercising and the feeling of your body getting stronger along with your mind

  • You will have more energy, more positivity and be finally set free from the diet life


Sounds great, but you have something else in mind?


Great, give me a call or email to discuss your needs. I’d love to hear from you :)

Still not sure that I can help you?


Have a read of my story here or what my clients have to say about this program here… or better yet, reach out to me to have a chat about what you would like to achieve ;) 


If you’d like to find out more about what I can offer or discuss your goals, please get in touch. 


Do you prefer to coach yourself and want long-lasting results? I can provide you with a one-off flexible food plan that has been customized to match your lifestyle, tastes and goals.