How to lose weight and keep it off!!! No restrictions Christmas Kick Off!!!

How many years have you truly been promising yourself that this year will be your year... that this time it is different and you WILL get your body feeling fab? Mmmmmmmm I told my self that for over 20 years! Oh, and it wasn't for want or trying. I tried... boy did I try! Every single diet under the sun!

If you like to read then read on and if you like to watch or listen stop reading and just watch the movie below:

So during those 20 years I spanned 5 different dress sizes, being both ends of the spectrum twice and I was neither happy nor confident at any of the given weights or sizes! Why? Because it was achieved unhealthily. I wasn't physically healthy so I felt crappy and and was mentally miserable. Then I realised just how simple it actually is, stopped all the struggling and everything changed for me!

5 years on and I have maintained a healthy stable weight, I have one wardrobe of clothes rather than a 'bigger Kelin' wardrobe and a 'thinner Kelin' wardrobe and I enjoy food soooooo much more and I am finally happy in my own skin!!!! Thats why I began helping others to do the same ;)

So what's the big secret then?


The best thing is, Christmas is the perfect time to start it. Yes you heard me... start it now! Right now! I promise you that you will enjoy food even more this Christmas!

First I need you to make yourself that promise to quit hideous fad diets for good. Make that promise now.

Okay, do you feel that? That amazing sense of relief knowing that you will never have to suffer that again! Feel those shoulders drop, your breath go deeper and mmmmmm that feels so good. Great. If you really made that promise to yourself then it means that you are going to start well ahead of the rest come January as you will not panic eat everything in site thinking your will never be able to eat it again because you will be back on a diet! Hahahahahaha!

See mindset is everything. If your mind believes that there is going to be perceived starvation on the horizon then it goes wild wanting to eat EVERYTHING in ridiculous amounts. It is the same when you are 'on a diet'... you hear all the foods calling your name! Its a natural inbuilt life saving mechanism that worked wonders for our cavemen buddies, but not for us with a Dominos, ice cream parlour and MC'y D's on every corner.

You now have no diet to worry about so instead you are going to relax around food and start rebuilding that nightmare relationship you have had with it. More specifically you are going to actively make sure you enjoy every single mouthful of everything, the indulgences and all! You are going to make another promise to yourself to only eat as much as you REALLY enjoy. Now that you don't need to worry about diets, you can focus on tasting it and loving that food and once the fullness starts to creep in, you can choose to finish up until you genuinely want and will enjoy more. That might be in half an hour or in 4 hours time. This alone will mean that you massively reduce the amount of calories that you consume over Christmas as you will no longer eat yourself into feeling sick!

You are going to have a Christmas where you enjoy your food more than you have ever have before and all the while you are reducing the excess and rewiring your mindset for a relaxed ongoing relationship with food.

Its also a great time to get experimenting with healthy foods... seriously I would be a billionaire if I was given a pound for eery time a client tells me that they cannot believe how blinking yummy healthy meals can be! You can get great ideas from things like Joe Wicks cook books or the Chocolate Covered Katie blog and my

goodness you won't 'feel' like you are being healthy at all. Your body will soon let you know though!

It is also MASSIVELY wise to set yourself the exciting challenge to find healthy answers to every craving you might have. Think healthy snacks for salty, sweet or crunchy... think meals that can be literally ready in minutes (homemade or bought to eat). Once you have all of these 'go to's' ready you will have options for every given circumstance and mood and no stressful day can derail you. The deal is you have to find things you love and that are easy!

Then come January, you are well in tune with your body's hunger signals, experiencing far more satisfaction from your food, no longer feel the urge to binge and have an armoury of healthy tasty meal and treat ideas up your sleeve. So simply put, you are are well ahead of the game and its now about mastering your portion control. This can be so simple! If you'd like a little help with this, let me know on email here and I will send you a free cheat sheet that makes it so easy and painless!

The thing is guys, our mind is the most powerful thing that drives ALL of our behaviours and if we have a lifelong pattern of punishing ourselves with diets then it will hold a negative link between dieting and pain and suffering. That means that we don't have a hope in hell in ever hoping to develop new habits that will enable us to get the results we want in our health, fitness and body confidence, and especially not being able to maintain it for good. HOWEVER, if we do it with our mind behind us and slowly make shifts that are enjoyable, our mid will link these new behaviours to happy feelings and get excited as we start to see results. The results will be slow and steady, but they will come ad they will last forever. The best thing is you will enjoy doing it!!!!

If you are still feeling like you need help then email me here. I am working on a simple program that can help get you on that path to freedom.

Have a fabulous Christmas all!

Big loves,

Kelin xxxx

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