Eating a Healthy Diet on a Budget – Cheap Fruits & Veggies – 7 Tips – Tasty Recipes

Can you eat healthily on a budget? Yes you can!

The cost of healthy food seems to be one of the main barriers to people living a healthier life so here are some great resources to help you to eat well on a budget!

7 Top tips to eating healthily without breaking the bank

  1. Get inspired by simple tasty healthy recipes with less ingredients and those that are cheaper such as cabbage which is cheap, healthy and goes a long way! Then enjoy planning out your week’s meals ahead (links to many recipes lower down).

  2. Write your shopping list according to your weekly food plan and then buy your weekly shop at the cheapest places (local market and cheap supermarkets – see the links below for sourcing cheaper food). Make sure that you shop after you have eaten! Shopping hungry is a well-known mistake to make if you are wanting to avoid buying a lot of unwanted costly extra items.

  3. When at the store pick ‘whole foods’ over junk or processed foods. It takes a little extra prep and cooking time but certainly saves £££!

  4. Buy ‘own brand’, ‘value items’ and those ‘on sale’ and always check pricing for buying in bulk as that often saves too.

  5. When it comes to getting enough protein, you can go for cheaper cuts of meat that are amazing for stews and casseroles. You can also swap meat meals for veggie alternatives such as eggs or legumes (i.e. beans or lentils). It all goes back to that recipe and meal planning!

  6. Buy in season or frozen. Not only is this a lot cheaper as it has not been flown all over the globe, but it is also far healthier as it is fresh and full to the brim with all of it’s goodness still intact. Frozen produce is frozen right after picking!

  7. Eat your leftovers for lunch and make fun surprise meals from what you have left in your fridge at the end of the week. I have to say that some of my tastiest and favourite meals have been created by throwing in all of the random left-over bits & bobs from my fridge and cupboards! Make it your fun surprise meal of the week.

Cheaper fruits and veggies - £1.50 for a 5kg box of fruit and veg!

Lidl are currently running a program to reduce food waste, where for the first few hours of the store opening they are selling a 5kg box of fruits and veggies that may be slightly damaged etc for only £1.50!!!!

Check their link for a list of the participating stores in the UK. This list will grow as time goes on ;)

Current cheap offers and deals at UK supermarkets

Can be worth checking out what is on offer before doing your weekly meal plan and base meals around these super deals.

Cheapest supermarket in the country by a whopping 20%

So it may not have everything you need but Aldi can save you over 20% on your supermarket bill, so may be well worth making a separate trip for!

How to eat your 5 a day for 42p!

It’s all about taking the time to look at the labels and pick out the fruits and veggies that offer more value for money ;)

Life hacker - eat for less than £10 a week!

This is a great blog covering different ways and recipes to eat well for very little.

A chef that makes meals for under £1 each!!!

He is called Miguel Barclay and he has an Instagram page called onepoundmeals and has 3 cook books on amazon ;) You can pick and choose the healthy ones.

Simple healthy recipes that use fewer ingredients or include less costly ingredients

As always guys, I hope that you found this useful! Please let me know if you have any other topics you would like me to cover or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions as i'd love to hear form you ;)

Love Kelin xxxx

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