7 Healthy 'Grab & Go' Snacks for an Easier Fit Life

Ever heard of the saying 'fail to plan, then plan to fail'?

It can very well end up being true if we do not have the flexibility to stay on track in different situations. I mean, how often do you find yourself out and about and hungry? OR should I say 'Hangry"!

Rather than derailing your hard work with a bunch of junk food here are some healthy food options that you can simply grab on the go!

1) Ready prepared coconut chunks

What a great tasting power snack! Aids digestion, lowers bad cholesterol, boosts immunity, improves skin quality, great quick energy source, promotes healthy thyroid function, facilitates healthy insulin secretion and of course promotes weight loss. These are just a few of the benefits of eating this tropical snack! However, as with everything be mindful of portion control as it is a calorie dense food.

2) Coconut crisps/chips!

Okay so these are almost the same as the above... but I wanted to add these in because sometimes you just want to crunch something and these are a fab alternative to a bag of crisps! With only 3 ingredients- coconut, coconut nectar and sea salt, these are minimally processed, low in carbs and absolutely delicious!

I always advocate eating a diet rich in whole foods and low in processed pre-packed foods, but balance is key, and these are as virgin-like as packaged foods come.

3) Chunk of cheese

Babybells are not just for kids... seriously snacking on cheese can be really satisfying and you can grab these from most supermarkets or garages on the road. They are high in protein and the high fat content ensures that your blood sugars are kept under control.

The thing to consider is how much dairy you include in your diet. There are many benefits, but milk products have also been known to increase mucous and can also affect your hormones due to the milk being full of animal growth hormone. I absolutely LOVE cheese, but as I have PCOS (a hormonally related female issue) I limit my intake.

4) Bag of sugar snap peas

Omgooooodness, if you have not eaten these raw yet then you are missing out! Crunchy heaven! They are also amazing sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals, let alone low in calories and high in water.

They are especially high in vitamin C which is important in our high-stress lifestyles since it is one of the main things to get depleted and yet is imperative for a healthy immune system.

Vitamin C is also great for our skin as it is involved in the production of collagen and is associated with fighting of the signs of ageing.

5) Tiger nuts

These are actually not nuts... but in fact are a legume that grow underground. They are called tiger nuts simply because of there appearance. I have to say I absolutely adore these things! They are very, very, very tough and chewy, which means they last longer hahahaha!

They are packed full of magnesium (great for muscle repair), potassium (essential electrolyte that keeps our salt and pH levels balanced) and amino acids that are the essential building blocks of life... and of course muscles! They are also pretty carb dense, but that along with the aminos and magnesium makes them an incredible after training snack!

6) Plantain Chips

Okay so these are heading in the direction of being a packet of crisps and they are processed foods, but they are minimally processed and only have the 3 ingredients of plantains, palm oil and salt. Being from the banana family, plantains are one of our richest sources of potassium we have, as well as being high in magnesium, vitamin C, A and B6.

Cooking plantain yourself without adding salt would clearly be better, but for on the go foods, this can work as a high energy, vitamin and mineral rich snack. Although, these would not work on a low-carb diet. Would be great pre and post workout.

7) All Natural Smoothie Pouch

A homemade smoothie would mean fresher fruits and veggies and therefore more nutritionally dense

with active enzymes and so on, but these 'all natural' pouches are nothing but fruit and veggie goodness that your body will thank you for. They are clearly great on the go and are also under 100 calories, which is a darn site lower than most homemade versions. Although its important to note that even though they have less sugar (all natural sources) than a typical yogurt pot, there is still about 8.4g in there and so you wouldn't want to be overdoing them all day. These are a perfect energy booster with tons of goodness around exercise. Oh and these are obviously vegan and gluten free.

Other ideas... there are so many grab snacks you can go to such as a plain and simple apple or a handful of raw nuts, which are both so so soooooooo healthy and well worth noting here! Most garages and supermarkets now often sell boiled eggs and spinach pots or bags of raw edamame beans, both of which pack a powerful protein punch along with their own individual health benefits. Let me know if you find any great healthy snacks on your trips out and of course ask as many questions as you like as i'd love to hear from you ;)

Love Kelin xxxx

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