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Athlete Performance & Mindset Coaching

When competing against athletes of a similar level, the difference between winning and losing can simply come down to whom has the mental edge.  


Pioneered from a unique combination of sports psychology, science, NLP and complimentary mind programming techniques; Athlete Performance & Mindset Coaching is bespoke to the individual athlete and designed to optimise performance and enable them to consistently bring their A game...

From KSI (UK's biggest Youtuber) and IBO and Commonwealth boxers, to British team kettlebell athletes, bikini girls, marathon runners and IFBB pro bodybuilders; Metaphysiques athlete coaching is for all levels and all sport disciplines. Learn more 

Weight Loss, Nutrition & Confidence Coaching



Eat healthy and get enough exercise and you'll feel a million dollars... But if it is that simple, why on earth are so many people struggling? 


The reality is, it is our mind that decides whether or not we eat a healthy meal or go and pig out on a McDonalds and a pint of ice cream. Even with the very best diet in the world, if your mind is not aligned to your goal and your self-belief is wavering, you will never be able to get the sustainable results that you deserve. 


Through education, specialist coaching and nutritional programming, this is a unique approach to body transformation that develops the mindset along with the body to re-write clients mental story for long-term success. Learn more

Workshops, Seminars & Events

Metaphysiques  also delivers workshops, seminars and events for competitive athletes, fitness expos, female members clubs, gyms, and health & wellness events both in the UK and overseas. 

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From scientist, to international business woman, to lying in a hospital bed with a severely broken back... the worst/best experience of my life that taught me about the powerful connection between the mind and body and set me on a new path in which I have been helping people to achieve amazing results ever since.

I help people to look & feel fabulous and athletes to achieve high performance success.

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